Al-Quds force member captured in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province

A MEMBER of the elite al-Quds force of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has been captured in southern Afghanistan accused of cross-border weapons smuggling.

The man, described as a “key Taliban weapons facilitator”, was captured in Zhari district, Kandahar province, southern Afghanistan, a volatile district targeted in recent coalition operations.

He was targeted “for facilitating the movement of weapons between Iran and Kandahar through Nimroz province,” a spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force said.

It is thought he was connected to smuggling small arms between the countries.

“The now-detained man was considered a Kandahar-based weapons facilitator with direct ties to other Taliban leaders in the province,” the ISAF spokesman added in a statement.

The news again spotlights the complex relationship between Afghanistan, Iran and the United States, whose troops make up roughly two-thirds of the coalition force that has been fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan for nine years.

British newspaper The Times reported today that Iran has released a string of senior Al-Qa’ida militants from custody so they can help the network rebuild in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border areas.

The newspaper quoted anonymous Pakistani and Middle Eastern officials accusing Iran of giving covert support to the Islamist militants, often through the Revolutionary Guards.

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