A 14-year-old girl said to be the mastermind behind a scheme to lure underage girls into a man’s home to perform sexual acts, has been arrested by police in Old Harbour, St Catherine.

The girl, along with another 14-year-old girl and a 25-year-old man, were reportedly taken into custody after a raid at a house in the community.

scheme uncovered

A source from the St Catherine North police told THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday that the scheme was uncovered on Wednesday, after the mother of one of the teens in custody spotted another teen with a bag belonging to her daughter who she had reported missing.

It is said that the mother had reported to the police that her daughter was missing from home for several days. The source further said that the woman demanded that the teen take her to find her daughter after she accosted her while she reportedly boarded a minibus.  After the teen refused, the woman is reported to have taken her to the Old Harbour Police Station where she revealed to the lawmen that she lured a number of her schoolmates to the house of a man for him to engage in sexual acts with them.

led to house

After the revelation, the police were led to the house in another section of Old Harbour where the 25-year-old man was seen and the missing teenager reportedly found.  “So far the 14-year-old confessed that she had brought classmates and others from her school to the man’s home for them do all manner of sexual activities … We have not yet confirmed just how much girls were taken to the house but our investigations are ongoing,” the investigator said.

THE WEEKEND STAR was told that the three persons are to be further questioned as the police continue their investigations.

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