Women, Rape & Honesty

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

Following the New York judge decision to drop all charges against former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, what has this decision means for many women who have been assaulted by individuals that believes that because of their status or possession they can get away with just about anything.

Having said that, if Mr Strauss-Kahn, is truly innocent of the allegations against him he as suffers tremendously in the last 3 months he has his reputation smeared and a cloud hanging over his head that should never have happen, and regardless of the fact that the Judge drop the charges he will always have this shadow of doubt haunting him throughout his life.

Rape is a very serious violation of a human being right, to be force to do something that you do not wish and having another human being forcing themselves on you cannot be a pleasant thing for any female to have to experience and those that have had to go through this horrifying ordeal must be livid at that fact that anyone can accuse another of such a vile act.

I cannot believe that the DA and the judicial system in the US with all of the DNA protocol and the ability to determine whether a person has been assaulted sexually would take this action unless they are certain that the DNA finding does not point to the fact that this man had commit this assault.

It make me very angry that if Nafissatou Diallo who accuse Mr Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her and it was indeed untruth then she would have single-handedly did severe damage to those who have been truly assaulted by another and would make many women that this crime has happen to feel afraid to go to the authority and report such crime.

In my opinion if the DA can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the allegations were indeed false then that female should be prosecuted for what she did and she should not be allowed to be able to proceed with any civil actions against Mr Strauss-Kahn.  If they do not do so then they would allow someone to tarnish the reputation of another and be allowed to continue this facade and it is wrong.

Do not get me wrong I despise any male who force themselves on a female and I find that totally and utterly appalling because rape is about control, the ability to make another human being do what you want them to do without choice and that I detest.

Mr Strauss-Khan may have behave inappropriately, and if he did he should be ashamed of himself but to be labelled a rapist is not something that any innocent person should have to face and I tend to believe the DA that they did not find any evidence to sustain the charges.

I cannot believe that it is only credibility issues with Miss Diallo that would make the DA refer the case to the judge to be dismissed, there has to other issues which we have not been told about because no one like a person accuse of rape and therefore they would have to be able to show something more than her credibility in order to abandon her case.

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