Women: Come on, it is time to wise up

By Sandrea: MYGRIPE

For a few years now there have been countless reports of women who have attended parties and find themselves waking up in bed with strange men and they have no memory of how they end up in bed with this man.

There have been reports that these women know that they have had physical and sexual contact yet they know that they did not agree to be violated in that manner. They subsequent found out that they had their drink spike with ‘date rape drugs’ Rohypnol.  For all the horror stories that have been over the media I cannot understand why women continue to allowed strange individuals to purchase alcohol for them without being sceptical.  A healthy dose of scepticism to protect you from being abuse is extremely necessary.

Yet again there is another story featured in the news whereby 12 young people mostly females that have been hospitalised after been overdosed on an unknown substance and one of the substance they are looking at is Rohypnol.

These students are simply innocent victims of someone callousness and I hope the perpetrators of this ghastly deed are found and make to pay for what they have done.

I am livid every time I read stories like these and it make me realise that women are still not as vigilant as they should be and they really need to change the way how they interact with others especially when they are out and about having fun.


Known by a variety of street names such as roofies, roach, R-2, trip and fall, and rope or “the date-rape drug,” rohypnol is the trade name for the benzodiazepine Flunitrazepam, a sedative-hypnotic drug used medically in a number of countries. Rohypnol has recently become a widely abused drug in Sweden, Mexico, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, and South Africa, a trend made more troubling by the fact that many users regard it as relatively safe. Rohypnol, in fact, has many dangerous and undesirable effects for the illicit user. It has been associated with an increased risk of violence and accidents as well as stupor, coma, memory loss, and death. Its ability to induce unconsciousness and amnesia has led to its use in sexual assaults in the United States (hence, its reputation as a date-rape drug) as well as robberies. Read more at:  http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G2-3403100405.html

So from the description above this is not a drugs to play and it is not fun it is quiet dangerous and the people who use these drugs to violate other seems to be oblivious of the violation that they are carrying out on other.

So I have a few tips that I use when I am out and about and they are as follows:

1.      Never let anyone buy me a drink unless I am standing right beside them, irrespective of whether I know them are not

2.      Never leave a drink in a pub, nightclub anywhere and go back and consume it.

3.      Never allow anyone to give me alcohol from an open bottle unless I open it myself.

Unfortunately, the times we live in make me very weary of people and they say that is not your enemy that does things to you but your friends because they can get close to you and if been sceptical keeps me safe then that is what I am prepared to do.

I have drilled it into my teenage daughters as well , I have given them information to read about what can happen to them if they are exposed to this drugs and they know the do’s and don’ts.  I have no idea of what I would be capable of doing should someone do something like this to one of my children.

We have to keep ourselves and our children safe, so as parent we must warn our children of the dangers that are out there and help them to have fun but to do so safety, as none of us want our children to end up in hospital because they could not understand that there are unscrupulous individuals lurking out there to harm them.

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