By Laura Miller – USA

In her July 30 Observer article, “Uncle Sam comes calling”, Barbara Gloudon touched on a very important topic: Jamaicans live well. There lies the root of American envy. Americans did not expect us Jamaicans to live so well. My friends and I are often shocked and disgusted when visitors to our beautiful paradise island return to the US and lament with envy how big and beautiful our houses are and how developed “the little island” is. In true Jamaican form, we either cut them off or do the avoidance dance with them, as only Jamaicans can. On one such occasion my friend said sarcastically to one “red-eye” American: “Yes, my dear, our great-grandparents climbed out of the trees many years ago.” That lady never spoke to her again. On a lighter note, I wondered if the Observer editor wanted to get all Jamaicans in the US fired by publishing that massive house owned by Dudus.

To start the rebuilding and increase of Jamaican prosperity, I am begging Mr Greg Christie to initiate a rule that all major nationbuilding contracts must have a 90 per cent Jamaican workforce with the top two managerial positions also held by Jamaicans. Government should also make laws to ensure that only born Jamaicans or people of Jamaican parentage can own land in Jamaica. And, as I have learnt from articles by Rev Dr Mervin Stoddart in the Observer, it is we the people who must take a stand.

So I am giving my little suggestion on how to help fight crime. Simply focus on women. The world watched in amazement in April when females in Kenya urged all women to withhold sex from the men if the fighting and political bickering did not stop. It worked, and even the wives of President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga joined the sex boycott, according to Patricia Nyaundi from the Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya. Sexual favours were withheld also by prostitutes, call girls, escorts, strippers, phone-sexers and other sex workers. We know Jamaicans well and so this sex strike might not work, but it is worth a try. When women are sufficiently fed up, then we will get change.

My rationale is that the women are usually in control. Most of the criminals steal to please their women and buy them nice things. My psychology professor told me that in a fight the mother bear is most vicious. Even Lebron James in the recent basketball fiasco chose to please his mother when deciding which club to join. When Jamaican women get tired of burying their children, they will start reporting crimes and even withhold sex from the Jamaican males.