Winning the war against terrorist

By Sandrea: – MY OPINION

First Osama Bin Laden, now Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, two of the most influential people within Al- Qaeda have been wiped out by security services and the world breathes a sigh of relief.

Could this be the demise of this terrorist network or are there more people lining up to fill the vacuum that these two individual have left. The security services having dealt such a significant blow to the structure of Al-Qaeda need to continue to target those other lieutenant to ensure that they do not regain the ability to wreak anymore havoc on innocent people.

With the anniversary of 9/11 approaching the families that have lost their love one in that tragedy must be elated that these two individuals are no longer alive and cannot cause anymore grieve and we have to be grateful to the security forces that have track down these individuals and eliminate from our planet.

It is however, important that we do not relax our grip on these terror organisation because although they have a temporary setback in the death of their leader and second in command does not mean that the remainder of these hooligans are going to just disappear and abandon their system of terror, it is important for us to continue to take out the top of the group and continue to weaken their structure and hope that it will finally collapse and we can see a vast reduction in the terror that these individuals and their cohorts have cause to others.

I hope that terror group around the world will look at this as a defeat of their terrorist activities and realise that we are not prepared to allow them to disrupt our way of life, we are not prepared to let them murder and maim innocent people for a stupidity and the fact that they have warp ideologies that they themselves cannot not even justify or explains.

The terrorist should now understand that if as they allege we in the west or infidels and that they have a divine reasons for targeting us and murdering us because they are protected by a so-called prophet that tell them that it is right to murder those that do not believe as they do, then they should now realise what utter crap that his because two of their leaders how have systematically called for the death of so-called infidels are no longer with us and have been eliminated by the very infidels they so despise.

We are breathing a sigh of relief, but we are not going to let complacency allow us to get off our guard and we will continue to be vigilant in our pursuit of the other members of Al-Qaeda, in the meantime there is much to celebrate and we should.

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