Willing to die for ‘Dudus’ West Kgn residents show strong support for Tivoli don

Protesters use this dog to bring across their message at the Denham Town Police Station on Thursday morning

CHRISTOPHER ‘Dudus’ Coke’s influence on West Kingston was put on show yesterday as hundreds of mostly women from Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town poured into the streets to show support for the man wanted by the US Government, and to vent their anger at a police claim that Tivoli Gardens residents were being held hostage by thugs.

In what appeared to be a highly organised but peaceful protest the demonstrators, the majority of them dressed in white, told the authorities to “leave ‘Dudus’ alone” with some boldly declaring that they were prepared to die for him.

“No hostage, no hostage, we are free; is lie them telling,” shouted the women.

“We are not being held hostage in our community and no one not taking away our phones,” said one woman, in reference to a police report Wednesday that thugs were also seizing residents’ cell phones.

Under the steely gaze of a large contingent of cops, the demonstrators gathered outside the Denham Town Police Station on Spanish Town Road, waving placards with their messages of support for Coke, whom the US Government has accused of trafficking in guns and drugs.

The Americans had submitted an extradition request for Coke last August, but the Jamaica Government had refused to sign it, arguing that the evidence presented by Washington was gathered in breach of Jamaican law.

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