A SERIAL rapist was arrested on the Greek island of Corfu after admitting to attacking four British women in just six weeks.

Police said Dimitris Aspiotis – compared to a wild dog by police – has already confessed to raping the women, aged between 18 and 47, at the popular resort of Kavos. His total number of victims is believed to be even higher,  the Daily Mail reported.

The 38-year-old is in jail after a six-day joint British-Greek operation to hunt him down on the island, a holiday hotspot for Britons and other Europeans.

Corfu police brigadier Yiotis Theocharis said: “We used foot patrols, dogs, camped out at night, in an attempt cut off all possible exits of a densely forested and mountainous region. It was like dealing with a wild dog in territory that he knew better than we did.

“Ever since he was a boy he had played in this forest and knew its secrets. The only way to catch him was by cutting off all his access to food, to his family, to possible friends. And that’s how we forced him to surrender in the end.”

In court, Mr Aspiotis said: “My family and I live like animals. We have no real home, and I myself have been rejected by society because of my past. I have no work and no hope of making a proper living.

“I know that no woman will accept me. So rape and robbery was the only solution left to me to satisfy my basic needs.”

He faces 15 years in jail after being remanded on formal charges of multiple rape, robbery and the threat of physical violence. His trial is set for next month.