Where does science stop and the God-like complex begins?

By Sandrea

I believe that we can all be pleased  with the break-through in science and the effects that it as on our everyday like.

Scientist, have undertaken so much research  over many years and those researches had led to eradication of some diseases, cure and remedy of a great many and for that the world should be grateful because without innovative scientist we most probably be still stuck in the dark ages of science.

However, irrespective of all the good that scientist has bought to us, nevertheless the big questions now is, how far are they willing to go?  The fact that they have done so much has I believe given then a God-like complex and this complex made them believe that there is nothing sacred, and nothing is now out of their reach.

Cracking our genetic code – what a break-through, this has allowed security services to have a 99% surety in the people they send to prison (DNA), we have the scientific world to thank for that.  This list of achievement goes on and on, and there is not much space on this blog to hold them.

I am however, very concern about the latest scientific development.  The recent news report that scientist are now able to  create the world’s first synthetic living cell, makes one wonder why.

The Geneticist Craig Venter, who created the synthetic cell, said that the method could be used to design bacteria specifically to help produce biofuels or to clean up environmental hazards. – Yea right.

When plutonium was discovered it was suppose to be used for the good of mankind, yet today all we have are nuclear bombs and governments across the globe trying their best not to let the material fall in the hands of terrorist.

Every discovery, is suppose to be for the greater good, yet somewhere along the way we lost the original intentions of the discovery and it become a weapon of mass destruction and we never learn.  Scientists  are either naive or they do not care, do they really believe that their inventions or discoveries will be used for the good of mankind – dream on.

This God-like complex that they have, will make them go too far one of these day and what will eventually happen is  going to be doomsday, the annihilation of the human race, and that is something that I can see happening sooner rather than later.

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