When Mother Nature Strikes

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

The recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami that have occurred in Japan that have seen at least one thousand people death, Japan scrambling to ensure that the damage to their nuclear plants is curtail, is a warning to human beings that we cannot disrespect ‘Mother Nature’ the way in which we have continued to for centuries.

Human beings must be the most destructed force there are, we have treated our planet as if we have the right to pollute the seas, dump million of rubbish over her, exploit her natural resources without thinking of the consequences of our actions. We have destroyed acres of the rain forest all in the name of greed and then we expect that Mother Nature is not going to balance the scale.

I have every sympathy with the people of Japan and my condolences goes out to the families of those that have lost their lives however, I cannot help but to wonder if these disaster are not of our own making, and that we are the contributory factor in why these disaster occur. I am not a scientist, but as a human being I can ascertain for myself that there are major changes in our weather system.

People who live in countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, United States and Russia, could always differentiate the different seasons, you could recognise winter, spring, autumn and summer but these days even the flowers are fooled, global warming have seen to that and as we continue to do stupid things that erode the ozone layer our planet becomes weaker and weaker and eventually to address the balance we end up with devastating earthquake and tsunami like the kind seen in Japan.

It seems that our memory it short because it was just over ago six years ago, 26 December 2004, the world watch as a gigantic tsunami ripped apart Thailand killing thousands and devastate the country and all of that we still have not learnt anything.

Of course, the authority around the world especially the scientist will tell us that two-thirds of the earth is covered by the water of the four oceans.  The Pacific Ocean is the world largest covering more than one third of the total surface area of our planet.  The great size of the Pacific Ocean and the large earthquake associated with the ‘ring of fire’ combine to produce deadly tsunamis. I personally believe that Mother Nature is kicking us the backside and warning us that we are not indispensible and if we continue to destroy this planet like we own it, and purely out of greed she will demonstrate to us what she is capable of achieving and her revenge is more devastating to us that we can imagine.

We have so much waste that we have dispose on our planet and although every country including the developing ones are trying to dispose of waste effectively we still have not found an absolute safe way of getting rid of our waste and therefore as we pollute the planet the planet need some way of making herself safe and maybe by opening up her belly in the form of an earthquake, then washing herself with a tsunami is the way that Mother Nature keep herself clean.

If we look at the analogy whereby most people clean their homes to prevent clutter then we can see our planet using earthquake, tsunami, volcano and floods to keep her clean.  We should show more respect for our planet and treat her with dignity because our existence depends on her and if we are not careful she will wipe us off the face of the planet and she has more than enough resources at her control to do so.  I hope we will look at the devastation of the tsunami in Japan, the lives that have been lost and begin to address the problems that we, clearly have in looking after the planet.

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