When it’s time to say buh bye!

NOT all relationships are meant to last forever, no matter what your online soul mate test assures you about your beau. Fact is, there is a time when you have to draw the line — if only for self-preservation — and say enough is enough if things are not working out.

If you are still undecided and find yourself trapped, below are some signs that you really need to start learning the words to that Hit the Road Jack song.

1. He is too into himself — Is your man too self-absorbed? Does he consider your needs, or does he put you down every chance he gets? These are questions only you can answer and if your response is yes, then you probably need to be drafting his walking papers.

2. He is still in love with his ex — It’s obvious that his ex already has his heart, so what else is there for you? It’s never wise to be number two in a man’s life, so wish him all the best and send him back to his ex.

3. He is abusive — One slap is too much, which is why we can’t understand why you would still with him after he has slapped you around many times. Leaving him is not even something you should be contemplating; it is something you must do. So contemplate no more, just send him on his merry way.

4. He is too sloppy — We are not just talking about him forgetting to put the toilet seat down or close the cap on the toothpaste here, although these, too, can get on a woman’s last nerve. If he feels his lot in life is to eat, sleep, be messy and merry while you bring home the bacon, and you don’t know who will drive you crazy first — him, or the rodents he is attracting — then bid him adieu.

5. Your goals differ — You want three kids, he wants none; he wants to live overseas and you can’t imagine your life outside of Jamaica. It’s pretty obvious both of you have separate desires and if he is dead set on making his yours and if some form of mediation hasn’t helped, it’s time to go your separate ways.

6. He is immature — If for most of your relationship you find yourself competing for his attention with his video games or his pals and he doesn’t understand the meaning of responsibility, and thinks paying the bills is optional; before the bill collectors take you to court you need to send him through the door.

7. He is always broke — A relationship should not be based on money, yet one cannot underestimate its power. If he is always turning to you for the little that you have and feels that working is below him, then pretty soon you are going to start feeling that you are an ATM instead of his girlfriend. It’s best to just end it now.

8. He’s showing all the signs that he wants out — There are men who know you’re not the one, but are too afraid to tell you. If he’s showing you all the signs that he wants out, but hasn’t quite said it yet — well, except for playing break up songs all the time — then take the hint and say goodbye.

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