Coke returns to court tomorrow

COOKE... has been in jail in the US since June

NEW YORK, USA — Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, the former reputed Jamaican drugs and weapons dealer, will return to a Manhattan Court here tomorrow for the next phase of his pre-trial preparations.

Coke has been in jail since June when he was extradited to face charges of allegations of illegal dealings in drugs and gun running.

Prosecutors at the United States Attorney’s Office for the southern district of New York, have meticulously been preparing their case and providing material to Coke’s defence team.

The case, which attracted worldwide attention following a stand off between US and Jamaican Government authorities over Coke’s extradition earlier this year, is being presided over by US Federal Judge, Robert P Patterson.

Patterson will likely set a trial date for sometime in the Spring at tomorrow’s hearing. In the meantime, defence attorneys who are still expecting more materials from prosecutors, will be submitting motions to the court within the next 60 days. These will likely include objections to some of the material.

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