Well done Illinois

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

The welcome news that Illinois have abolished the death penalty is good for society and prove that that there are still individuals who believe the death penalty is a barbaric system of justice and one that cannot be reverse should an innocent person be put do death because of faulty information.

I whole-heatedly agree with the Governor of Illinois and I can see from the reports that he is taking a lot of flak for his decision.  It is unbelievable that one of the opponents, Pam Bosley stated that she is a Christian and because she lost her son to violence she believe that the death penalty should be imposed.  As a Christian one would believe that Christianity preaches forgiveness irrespective of the circumstance or the crime against one.  To be able to forgive is divine, so her method of Christianity is completely flawed.

Robert Berlin, a prosecutor who called the abolishing of Illinois death penalty “a victory for murders” is not living in the real world, he is one of those individual who have a god-like complex and believe that the death penalty is a deterrent, and of course it is not.

The individuals that believe in the death penalty need to remember that it did not stop John Wayne Gacy (killed 33), Robert Lee Yates (16), Ted Bundy (35), and Joseph Christopher (12) African America because of his racist attitude.  Putting those individuals to death did not bring back one of those 96 people who were brutally murdered by these men however, when we put these individuals to death the states is no better than them.  We should lock them up for life and life should mean life.

Over the last few months a number of people have been released from prison, they spend many years behind bars for crimes that they did not commit and if I am right one was even on death row, what if that person was executed and DNA prove that person was not responsible for the crime he was charge, tried and convicted for, we could not bring him back.

The innocent project have assisted many individual who was wrongly sent to prison for crimes they were not guilty of and I agree with the saying better one guilty is set free than one innocent goes to the gallows.

We should rejoice that another state have come to it senses and have taken the human decision to get rid of an archaic and out-dated method of punishment rather than making the Illinois governor out to be some Looney tune that have lost touch with reality.  In fact, I do believe that he has made one of the sanest decisions of his time in office and although a lot of individuals may be up in arms at the moment in the long run he will have been proven right.

It frighten me more to note that twenty people have been freed from death row after evidence surfaced to show they were innocent or had been convicted improperly. This should scare the living daylight out of anyone and we should not be in too much hurry to support the death penalty, because you may find yourself or member of your families in a situation not of yours are their making and the death penalty could be coming to your door, people have been mis-identified and wrongly pick out of line-up, tried and convicted, so be careful what you wish for because you may just get it.

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