Toronto police want Shower Posse gangsters deported

POLICE in Toronto, Canada have branded the shower posse a mafia-style, drug and gun cartel and are urging Canadian immigration to ship 12 gang members arrested in a major operation Monday, back to Jamaica.

A report in the Toronto Sun said cops in that city were ‘tired of dealing with terrorised neighbourhoods’.

Toronto police chief Bill Blair said the Jamaicans should be sent home without trial.

“If you really want to make this city safer, instead of letting these alleged gangsters get bail or lenient sentences, send these Shower Posse slugs back to Jamaica now and don’t ever let them back in,” Blair said.

The gang members are facing drug and weapons charges.

Toronto police describe the notorious gang as an ‘international organised crime group that has tentacles into the street drug scene which sees them profiting from their criminal activities.’

“In other words, a lot of lives could be saved if they were deported. For those not born here, we do have the rules in place to do this. And we owe it to the good people in the terrified neighbourhoods they help destroy,” Blair said.

Some 19 firearms, body armour, cocaine, crack, marijuana, hash oil, 10,000 ecstasy pills, diamonds and $30,000 in cash, was seized on Monday.

The Shower Posse is said to have branches in over 20 US cities, Canada and the United Kingdom for about three decades.

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