Stockholm suicide bomber named son after al Qaeda chief

THE Stockholm suicide bomber who killed himself and injured two others named his son after al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden.

UK-educated Islamist Taimour Abdulwahab al Abdaly’s devotion to the terror leader also caused him to be kicked out of his local mosque in Luton, about 50kmsm north of London, The Sun reported.

“He was preaching extremist ideas inside the mosque,” said Farasat Latif, 41, the secretary of the Luton Islamic Centre.

“He denounced Muslim leaders and scholars. He would call them sellouts.”

Abdaly, 29, lived with his beautician wife Mona, 28, the couple’s baby son Osama and two daughters aged four and two – but left their Luton home on a mission to bring terror to a Stockholm street packed with Christmas shoppers Saturday.

Abdaly set off a bomb in his Audi car, then triggered a bomb in his backpack, killing himself.

Police who searched Abdaly’s three-bedroom home Monday were believed to have found extremist books and videos.

His computer was also being checked for emails between him and al Qaeda operatives.

Abdaly’s wife produced a letter Monday night that he wrote before his attack.

“My dear wife and children, I love you,” he wrote. “I love you my lady. Kiss the kids for me. Tell them daddy loves them, will always love them.”

Asked if she knew of her husband’s bomb plot, Mona said, “No, of course not. I am very devastated and upset.”

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