Steer Town residents continue protest against fatal shooting

A protester shows this photograph of Eldon John and his family during a demonstration in St Ann today against his death at the hands of the police

STEER TOWN, St Ann — Residents of Steer Town in St Ann intensified their protest this morning against the fatal shooting of a man and the injuring of another at a football match at Drax Hall yesterday evening.

Eldon Johnson, a 28-year-old dancer of Steer Town, was killed by an off-duty cop who was reportedly attempting to quell a disturbance at the game.

The division one football match had ended prematurely when a fight reportedly broke out between spectators and players on the Steer Town side.

Two men were shot when the police intervened and attempted to fire warning shots.

This morning the irate residents again staged several road blocks in the community. They want the cop involved to be removed from the force.

Last night the residents set fire to several buildings in the community and damaged a fire unit from the Ocho Rios Fire Station.

The residents also accused the police of firing shots and using tear gas.

The placard bearing residents took their protest to the Drax Hall main road this morning, but were prevented from blocking the road by a strong contingent of police.

The residents say they will continue to protest until they are satisfied that justice is served.

The cop involved has reportedly been taken off front-line duty as the Bureau of Special Investigations probes the incident.

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