Saudi woman detained for driving

By Sandrea: – My Opinion

When western women read these kinds of stories it left us feeling sad, because what we take for granted and see as our right other have to fighting for in this the 21st century.

I understand that Saudi Arabian men, in fact the majority of Muslims were raised to believe that women are inferior to men and in the olden days when men have little or no intellectual capabilities that kind of backward thinking would be acceptable.  However this century that we now exist in when these men see themselves as educated and intelligent to be continuing this archaic behaviour towards their females is downright disgusting.

In my opinion I believe that they are so afraid of the intellect of women that they believe that they have to find demeaning ways to keep them in line and that is so sad, because they are missing out on the enormous contribution that their female can be to their country.

What is wrong in a women being able to drive?  Surely the vast majority of women abide by the strict dress code that the country, “men” once again have bestowed upon them, so if a young women would like to have her independent by being able to drive I cannot see why these authority find that such a threatening behaviour.

They always seem to harp on about how promiscuous western women are and they are preventing their women from promiscuity by taking from them the basis right that other take for granted.  It seems to be such a double standard and reek of hypocrisy when the men are allowed to get away with anything and everything and that is acceptable, but female are treated with utter disrespect.

Saudi Arabia, and in fact the majority of Muslim country need to get in line with 21st century ideologies and stop behaving like they are some kind of Deity and they have a right to behave like idiots.  If they do not start treating their women with respect and the dignity that they deserve eventually they are going to be the biggest loser, because it only takes one to start a revolution and chaos will reign.

For the sake of humanity and peaceful co-existence, they need to allow women to drive, give them a sense of freedom and as facebook message read “We want to live as complete citizens, without the humiliation that we are subjected to every day because we are tied to a driver,”

I am not anti-Muslims as I believe that all faith has a right to exist and there are rules and regulations that we have to live by in order to prevent chaos.  However some of the rules and regulations that that Muslims women have to endure are just plain silly and should not be part and parcel of their way of life.

Archaic things such as:

  • Not been allowed to drive
  • Being stoned to death
  • The Blasphemy rule

All of those are stupid and infantile because no prophet worth is salt would allow anyone to behave in this manner and therefore these are man-made stupidity and should be abolished immediately.

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