SAS, Not a bungled mission, a disgrace

By Sandrea:-MY OPINION

It is unbelievable that one of the world’s most famous elite forces could bungle the extraction mission into Libya and make the west look so inept.  I cannot believe what I am reading, how could this possible be that they could get it so wrong.

The SAS is not a third world forces it is suppose to be one of the best trained and equipped men there is and the services that they provide is the envy of the rest of the world and yet they have failed so miserable undertaking such a simple mission that it call in to question their capability to undertake further rescue mission.

Colonel Gaddafi must be laughing is dictatorial head off knowing that this mission have failed and the west is made to look like such a fool.  We cannot allow dictator like Gaddafi to get the better of us and when our security services failed the way in which the SAS does, on what I would assume is a routine mission for them it call into question their abilities and should we be spending the public money in equipping these individual, if they cannot undertake simple task without making them self look like complete idiots.

To add insult to injury, although William Hague is supposedly taking the blame for this botched mission, he is still trying to justify the reasons for the failure. There is a serious problem with our security forces when politician gets too involved, their job should be to tell the security services what is require and leave them to plan and execute their missions and maybe we will not have to see these kind of disgraceful failure with our security services.

This is the excerpt from the report that really got to me “Hague was forced to make a Commons statement after the fiasco, which led to the detention of the Britons by rebel leaders and the confiscation of their weapons and helicopters. Earlier, Downing St had confirmed the Foreign Secretary had approved the dispatch of the “diplomatic team” to Libya”.

The British public will be, and rightly so, disgusted with the events of the last few days and in particular the SAS failure.  There have to be answers given to the public as to why and how the SAS failed and we will not be satisfy with this incident being swept under the carpet, we need the government to explain to us why our security services have failed so disgracefully and for all the world to note their failure.

We need an independent inquiry into the reason for the failure and to ensure that steps are then taken to make certain that failure such as this never happen again, and if we the government fail to hold a public enquiry into these events it will just proof once again that they are willing to hide the facts from the British public and that should not be tolerate by the voting population.

It is not only the SAS that is make the look like a fool, their actions reflect on the British public because we trust them to carry out their missions effectively and not have the world see this elite services as such idiots.

This situation shows a total lack of communication between the SAS and the rebels in Libya.  We have to be grateful that it was the rebels that capture the SAS servicemen because if it had been security forces loyal to Gaddafi then we would most likely be taking about burying these men as Gaddafi cronies would have no problems in parading these men for the world to see and executing them for treason.

The Libyan rebels make the mighty SAS look inept, unprepared, and silly and this should never happen.  I can appreciate that maybe the SAS did not want to engage the rebel fearing that they could kill or maim members of the rebel, but to be out-manoeuvred like this I cannot begin to understand and this shows that there was a severe breakdown in communication and this is what the public need to know.

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