Police arrest 6 in drugs probe

Police here and in Curaçao arrested five men Wednesday in an intense drug investigation that spanned at least seven islands and countries in the region.

They held a sixth person yesterday, according to a statement from prosecutors.

Police and drug agencies of the Netherlands Antilles, U.S., South America and other countries orchestrated the arrests of these men. Two businessmen were arrested in Philipsburg and Simpson Bay (not Cole Bay as mistakenly reported Thursday).

“Both the Prosecutor’s Offices in St. Maarten and in Curaçao are very satisfied with the way the operations have taken place and the results they have yielded so far,” Prosecutor Rienk Mud said in a short statement to the media.

Investigations reached as far as Colombia, Venezuela, Dominica, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Drugs agencies here and in Curaçao along with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Dutch Royal Marechaussees were involved.

The Police Arrest Team here caught one suspect with a loaded firearm. They seized 179 kilograms of cocaine from one suspect’s house. They also confiscated cell phones and documents during these house searches.

Suspects here are H.M.A., R.A., D.P.L., F.D.B. and M.E., and in Curaçao E.M. All suspects are expected to stand before a judge to determine how much longer they will stay in police custody.

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