Pauline Hanson – The UK is better off without you

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

Who the hell does Pauline Hanson thinks she is, what an effrontery talking about she would not stay in the UK because it is overrun with immigrants and refugees.  She’s got a nerve, I am happy she decided to go back to Australia because we really do not want the likes of her residing in the UK.

She can take her racism and bigotry and stick it.  It is individuals like her that make the world such a sad place to live it, she must be of some stupid notion that she was a special creation and in fact, all that she his is a very sad and pathetic individual.

Looking at her photograph in the papers I can understand why she would want a pure society because one just has to look and see that her unintelligence knows no bounds.

Her statement are so pathetic is beggars belief, “France is becoming filled with Muslims and the French and English are losing their way of life because they’re controlled by foreigners in the European Union.

What way of life, she is most probably from a generation of convicts that was sent to Australia by the UK.  She is living in a country that her forefathers have plunder and robbed from the Aborigines and she has the audacity to be criticising the UK and France.  She cannot trace her roots because she has none, her very existence is base on what her forefathers have done and the Aborigine blood that is still on the hands of her ancestor.

She really makes my blood boil with her infantile remarks, you would have thought that someone who had been in politics would have been more intelligent than that, but obviously I am completely wrong.

It is just as well that the majority of Australians are not that backwards, having work with many Australian nurses I find them to be extremely decent people and I would not wish for people in France and the UK to take Pauline Hanson words as a representative of Australian because it is far from the truth.

If she wants a pure one nation then there is a vast outback in Australia why don’t she go and live by herself or with like minded people as her type of racist bigotry has no part in a 21st century world and like I said I am very glad that she decide not to settle in the UK because she would not survive with those kind of remarks.

Most decent Australians must be annoyed at the remarks that she made and that has been written in the newspaper.  Sometimes it is very important for some individuals like her to shut her mouth because the garbage that is coming from her just demonstrate how utterly stupid people like her are.

What must have escaped her is that Australia is part of the commonwealth and there are many countries that make up the commonwealth and they all have various cultures and decent people learn to live and respect these cultures and the vast majority of immigrants and refugees that are living and working in the UK have enriched the UK they have made this country a much better place than it would have been without those culture so instead of making idiotic remark she shut up.

Freedom of speech is one thing but when so-called ex-politician make comments like the ones that she has made it only demonstrate how utterly ignorant some people can be.  It is not like we invited her to come and live amongst us, we definitely do not relish the thought of having people of her persuasion fuelling racist tension amongst us we have other rather idiotic organisation that are already doing so.

If I had my way Pauline  Hanson would not be allowed to enter the UK on no occasion because she do not deserve to be among intelligent people, her narrow-mindedness  it quiet evident from her remarks.

She should stay in her own little minute world because being among the human race, people like her can only contaminate it with their bigotry

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