Osama bin Laden dead, but how safe are we?

By Sandrea:- MY OPINION

With the alleged death of Osama bin laden and the subsequent jubilation on the streets of the United States, I wonder if we are truly safe from terrorist and terrorism as a whole.  In my opinion we are not safe and we should not allow ourselves to lower our guard.

Osama bin laden, having been credited for the planning and effective execution of the September 11 atrocities which see the world stopped in their tracks trying to understand why this atrocity could occur in our supposedly civilised society, and spending years trying to come to terms with the loves ones we lost.  Now that it would appear that Osama bin laden has met his demise I do not believe we should be rejoicing because we have not yet won the battle.

Terrorism is like a tree and Osama bin laden was only one of the branches on the tree, an important branch granted however, the tree still remains and until we can completely root out the tree and destroy it then we have only delay the process.

Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir had declared that al-Qaida will still remain a force despite the death of Osama bin laden.  Americans are joyful and it is understandable because their country was rocked to the core.  It was unthinkable that any such atrocity would be perpetrated on the almighty United States of America and when it did it left the Americans frightened.  So I can understand their reason to be jubilant hearing of the death of their greatest enemy, but they still need to be cautious.

Hilary Clinton, US secretary of state said that the death of Osama bin Laden send a message to the terrorist groups that they cannot defeat the US.  She should bear in mind the number of years it took to finally caught up with Bin laden.  Fighting words from the Secretary of States, which is design to reassure the American people that whenever terrorism raises its ugly head and irrespective of how long it took the US, will eventually get its man.

If Osama bin Laden is dead then I am happy that one evil has been eradicated from the world and hopefully we will continue to destroy terrorist and terrorism in order that we can leave this world for the next generation free from fanatics and their fanatical ideologies, but I know that this is a pipe dream, but one can dream.

Hopefully, wherever the spirit of Osama bin Laden is today he will come to realise that his action whilst on this planet where not warranted and unfortunately he cannot come back to warm his so-called followers that the devastation that they perpetrate on others is without merit.

I am saddened that they bury him in the ocean, in life he polluted our land why did they have to allow his body to pollute the ocean I cannot understand.  It would have been better if they had made a bonfire and burn him then scattered his ashes where the wind could have taken it away.

One should not speak ill of the dead but I am absolutely certain that many people will be sleeping a lot easier tonight even if is for a short time knowing that Osama bin Laden as finally meet is maker and he is no longer among us to preach his hatred and intolerance for non Muslim.  At the end it is the so-called infidels that he despise so much that has finally put him to death.


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