Northampton man banned from wearing skirt ‘flouts Asbo’

A man banned from wearing skirts or showing bare legs on school days breached an Asbo, a court has heard.

Peter Trigger, 60, from Farndon Close, Northampton, was given an anti-social behaviour order in December 2008.

It also forbids him from behaving in a manner which causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

He is on trial at Northampton Magistrates’ Court accused of harassing neighbours by deliberately bending over in front them on 16 December last year.

He is banned from wearing a skirt or showing bare legs on a school day between 0830 and 1000 and 1445 and 1600 GMT or BST, the court was told.

Black leggings

Trigger previously faced three charges of breaching the order but two have since been discontinued.

Jerena Tomaszewska, prosecuting, said Mr Trigger was seen outside his house at 0725 GMT on 16 December by neighbours Philip and Mary Copping.

“He stood by the witness’s van with his back to it. He bent down and was appearing to be doing something with his laces.

“He repeatedly bent down until Mr and Mrs Copping drove off.”

Although Mr Trigger was permitted to wear a skirt at that time of day, he had breached the second part of his Asbo by causing both Mr and Mrs Copping harassment, alarm and distress.

Mr Trigger told police he was bending down to collect debris from a wall which had collapsed between his house and the one next door.

Mrs Copping told the court she thought Trigger had bare legs that day, and was wearing a pleated skirt to his mid-thigh, with socks and shoes.

Under cross-examination by Rachna Gokani, defending Mr Trigger, she said she was concerned her husband might hit the 60-year-old who lives with his elderly mother.

Mr Copping told the court the couple were sitting in the van waiting for it to warm up.

“He stands up, then bends over again,” he said.

Mr Copping said he could not remember whether Trigger was wearing clothes under his skirt, but said he thought he was wearing black leggings.

Mr Trigger was given an Asbo in December 2008 after parents complained he was waiting near a primary school in Northampton dressed in clothes similar to school uniform and the order runs until December 2013.

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