Normal life returning downtown

A soldier and a member of the public downtown today, just outside the area of West Kingston to which access is restricted to members of the public and the media

AFTER several days of intense fighting between cops and gunmen loyal to Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke it appears that life is returning to normal in sections of downtown Kingston and its surrounding communities.

Members of public, despite the State of Emergency imposed by the government, are now on the streets in some sections of downtown and are going about their activities with worried looks on their faces. But day before this was not possible.

Nonetheless businesses there remain closed, some of which were looted, and there is no bus service into the area.  Close to Hey Wood Street scores of vendors are out pedalling their goods in search of buyers while over in the Kingston Central area young boys could be seen playing a game of football.

However Western Kingston remained a no-go zone when the Observer visited earlier today.

Our news team witnessed 15 young men, who appeared to be detainees, being forced to clear a roadblock on Charles Street inside Denham Town. When finished they were then forced marched elsewhere inside the community under guard by police and soldier.

All entrances into the Denham Town and Tivoli Gardens were heavily guarded by soldiers who refused to entertain pleas by journalists to allow access into the communities.

The army could be observed using heavy machinery to clear roadblocks and debris to the northwest side of Coronation Market.

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