Nir Rosen – It’s disgraceful!!

By Sandrea:- MY OPINION

It never fails to astonish me the level of human depravity, and each day these deprave behaviour get even worse and that is how I view the comments made by Nir Rosen against CBS reporter Lara Logan.

Irrespective of what one feeling maybe we should never forget the fact that this young woman was raped and beaten doing her job, and for anyone to make light of that fact and to go as far as finding it such a joke, and to make such stupid comments and to do so on a worldwide social networking is past disgraceful.

If the same things happen to Nir Rosen sister or any female member of his family would he find it so easy to make light of the situation, of course not.  People should think before they speak and is actions can only amplify the already traumatic event that Lara Logan must be experiencing.

The vast majority of woman will never be victim of rape and therefore we can only guess at what this feel like we will never experience the fact that we have our rights and our body violated by idiotic and stupid individuals, place in a situation which make the victim feel completely helpless.

The thought that someone could find what happen to Lara funny and not just any individual some who is suppose to be intelligent make the comment even more distressing.

Nir Rosen is purported to be an intelligent author a person of intellect and for him to be so insensitive to the plight of this young lady defies logic. How can someone who has the ability to write with such passion find it so easy to disrespect a fellow journalist in the time that he should have been showing empathy with her?

I am disgusted and ashamed to be a part of the human race ever time an idiot like Nir Rosen raise their ugly head and show themselves off for the insensitive and idiotic fool that they are.

Resignation is not good enough for someone like that he should be barred from writing from all newspaper, he should have his life turned upside down, he should be shun and become an outcast and then let him go and tweet a funny comment about that.

It is time that decent human beings stand up and demonstrate to the likes of Nir Rosen that we will not and cannot accept their disgraceful behaviour and that we are prepare to go the distance in ensuring that they will never again find it so easy to be disgusting to another human being and for that the international community including every section of the media that he write for must take action to ensure that he will think twice before he make silly and hurtful comments about a clearly set of painful circumstances.

He may be someone who like to push the boundary and like to be controversial, however regardless of how far one might like to push boundaries there must be a line that as a human being you never cross and he has not only cross that boundary he has ripped apart the fence that separate humanity and decency and for that I find it difficult to ever forgive him and I was not the one who was assaulted and yet I felt his comment make me feel as if I was the one that was raped and beaten.

Nir Rosen should remember the old adage, “it is not the food that you eat defile your body, but the words from your mouth” had he remember that he would not have been so insensitive and having apologise for his bad behaviour does not make me feel any sympathy for him or even believe that his apology is genuine.  We tend to say what we believe and when he make those disgraceful comments he ever felt that he was doing anything wrong and if others had not pointed out to him that his remarks were insensitive and downright disgraceful he would not feel the need to apologise so for me his apology is as empty and shallow.

I hope that Lara make a speedy recovery and hope that in time she will be able to put this nightmare experience behind her and go bad to doing the job that she clearly love. My prayer goes out to you and your family – get well fast.

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