New York girl crush goes wrong

A TEENAGE girl involved in the attempted murder of a 12-year-old boy who was found bleeding to death alongside New York’s Jackie Robinson Parkway was sentenced to up to six years in prison today.

Carina Parache, 15, admitted that she and Wayne Henderson, the father of her daughter, repeatedly stabbed Luis Martinez in the head, neck, legs, chest, hands and back after the boys had an argument about whether Martinez had a crush on her.

“I’m very sorry for what I did,” Parache said to Queens Supreme Court Justice William Erlbaum.

Parache pleaded guilty to attempted murder and will spend up to six years in prison as a juvenile offender.

Authorities said Henderson, 16, and Martinez, 12, were hanging out inside Highland Park on January 11, 2010 when the argument escalated to violence.

Parache kicked Martinez in the head and face while Henderson repeatedly stabbed and slashed an “X” on his right cheek. Henderson then handed Parache the knife saying, “You stab him,” and Parache plunged the weapon into Martinez’s neck and leg, according to the criminal complaint.

Martinez staggered out of the park and lost a significant amount of blood. He was taken to the hospital and later moved to Cornell Medical Centre for reconstructive surgery to his jugular veins.

Henderson is awaiting trial.

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