MyGripe today – Teenage killings – What is a life worth?

By Sandrea:

For the last couple of years the UK has seen a rise in the number of teenagers that have been murdered in some form or other.

They are either gunned down, stabbed or beaten to death.  I find it inconceivable, that our society has fallen to such a level that our children are no longer safe.  As a mother, when my children leave the house, I cannot stop worrying just wondering if they are going to make it back home or am I going to get the dreaded knock on my front door from the police.

I cannot even begin to understand the level of despair that these parent/s are going through.  I would not even try.

To me the most frightening aspect of all these killings is the age of the murderers.  What has caused young people to drift so far away from decency that they have no compulsion in the taking of a life?  Where have morality gone to, when people can no longer verbalised their disagreements and believe the only way to solve them is by the gun or a knife.

As a country, we have to find ways to stop these needless violence and if it means that parents have to inform on their children then that is what we have to do.  My children were under no illusions that should they get involved in any criminal activities, I was not going to shield them and furthermore, I would call the police on them.

The government, the police services can not do this alone they need the help of parents.  We must stop sheilding our children in their wrong-doings, stop protecting them from the law.

Of course, it is not easy to inform on you own ‘flesh and blood’, but I would rather that than having them locked away in prison for life, or having to live with the knowledge that one of my children is a murderer or dead.

It is time that Parents, Schools, Police, and the government come together and work together to stop teenage killings.  We do not want to bury another teenager that has die because of a gun or knife incident.

Everyday, I have to pass a mural of ‘Billy’ how had died a few years ago and a gun was involved.  As I passed the mural I always thing of how old he would be, what would his life be like, would he be a parent himself, then reality comes back to me that his light had been put out far too young.  This meant so much to me because I knew Billy, having seeing him around the estate.

I was not related to him but his death, for a long time affected me very badly.

Come on- let us do what ever it takes to prevent teenage killings from continuously occurring.

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