My Gripe for today – When Should a PM DECIDE ENOUGH IS IS ENOUGH

Bruce GoldingBy Sandrea;-

Having admit his involvement in the us law firm fiasco, Jamaica embittered Prime Minister should do the decent thing and resign.

Once  a PM reached the stage were their  position become untenable, I believe they should just step down.

The Christopher Dudus extradition affair has left Bruce Golding looking like a lame duck.  If he believe he did nothing wrong he should have been honest with parliament and the Jamaican people, is intentions to hire the US law firm to deal with the extradition order,  the fact, that he deemed it necessary to hide what he was up to make him look guilty of  a conspiracy to keep Dudus from the US authority.

When will politians learn that whatever is in darkness is bound to come into the light.  One would have believe that throughout history the amount of Presidents and Prime Ministers that have been caught out lying to their respective country-men would be warning to todays politians  to tread with extreme caution, think before they do something stupid, weigh up the pros and cons before putting their party and their reputation on the line. (Did’ they never heard of watergate)

Bruce Golding’s credibility is so damaged, it is inconceivable for him to lead an effective government.

When even ‘human rights’ organisation is calling for him to step down as prime minister, then one can  assumes that this ghastly affair has far reaching repercussions.  The PM,s decision to interfere has not only affected him it also cast doubts on Attorney General Dorothy Lightbourne State Minister Ronald Robinson,  and Solicitor General Douglas Leys. These individual who were suppose to be doing their jobs the right way, will have their reputations question unfairly.

There is no doubt that has human beings we are suseptible to making mistakes, however when one decide to live heir live in full view of the public, in fact to take on the task of become a PM for a country, there is a level of dignity and integrity that goes with that.  Mr Golding has not shown any of these two qualities in the manner in which he conducted that affair.

It is imperative, that for the sake of the country, that Bruce Golding step down as PM and try to retain what little dignity that he has left.  For a beleaguered man such as he to cling to power in the face of this scandal would do the JLP more harm than good.

I am pleading to him to show some back-bone, admit his short-comings, do the decent and only thing he can RESIGN.

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