My Gripe – Could Immigration Laws Caused death

It has been reported recently that an Hispanic man was killed and is family reckon that the new Arizona Immigration law is a contributory factor to his death.

Immigration laws as always been an emotive subject and one that has divided nations, people and race.  Irrespective of our feelings towards immigration laws we have to be practical about the subject.  Every country must have the right to decide the amount of immigrant that it allowed in.  They must also have legislation to deal effectively with illegal immigrants.

However, I believe the problems arises when the laws seems to be targeting a specific group of individuals.

There was a time in England that most Jamaicans residing in the country believe that the immigrations laws that were been orchestrated were done so to prevent Jamaicans from coming to England.  It made a lot of Jamaicans very angry that they were the target of the immigration laws.

Government must ensure that when they are formulating immigration laws that they do so in ways that do not appear to target individuals or specific groups , but is made to deal effectively with all immigrant regardless of colour, creed, or sexual orientation.  They will find that their citizens will be more inclined to support their efforts and the bill.

If a legislation caused anyone to be armed then it become counter-productive and I am sure that no government want this to happen.

The number of demonstrations that has taken place following the signing of  Arizona Immigration bill, is a prime example of how sections of the community react when they believe that they are threaten, or subjected to unfair legislation’s.

This world has evolved enough for politicians to created effective legislations to govern their individual areas, without having to isolate large sections of the community.

Racial profiling of any kind is wrong and no government should buy into that.  But most people are aware that racial profiling is undertaken by many organisation, including the police force.  They may deny it but you can bet that it is going on right now across the globe.

I sincerely hope that it is proven false that this man did not die as a result of the immigration law but because some people or just plain and simply bigoted and whether the law was there or not they would still be the same.  unfortunately, there is no law that is going to stop individual from being racist, or effectively prevent racism

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