Motherhood… What they don’t tell you

-Anna Lisa Spencer is a Florida based WomanWise reader and proud mother.

You wake up swing your legs over the side of the bed and wonder why you are so tired when you just woke up. Shouldn’t you be feeling rested? Welcome to parenthood!

Please don’t misunderstand me, I love being a mother, I love my kids too, but being a mommy can and will get to you. It is a continuous and full-time job that’s very demanding. It is a rigorous labour of love. Your mind is at work even while your body is at rest. We all strive to be great mothers and in this quest we will not be deterred. I laugh when I look back at the paths I have taken in this life.

I always saw myself as a career woman, climbing that corporate ladder. But life is change and like a palm tree that is firmly rooted in the ground on the shore line, we must bend, bow and yield when the winds of change blow. So here I am with kids and career in tow. It is amazing how you can have two children and they can be so different. With my 11-year-old son, life is cool, no fuss. He moves to his own laid back and relaxed beat. My two-year-old daughter on the other hand is emergency central! She is a stickler for order and detail. Everything must be in the right place at all times. For her, shoes must be placed in the same direction and she would fuss about the little things.

Even fuzz on her clothes.
When you think about it, being a mother is like running a mini corporation. My employees have very distinct yet different characteristics, yet at the end of the day they must both comply to the goals and objectives of the company while keeping their identities intact. And that is the secret. You want to contribute to the lives of your children so that when they are grown they can weather the storms and challenges that the world has in store for them. In the blink of an eye our kids would have grown up and left the house. Surely dinner can wait for a quick story and the load of laundry can wait for a conversation. Not so?

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