Miracle pram baby celebrates first birthday

A Melbourne “miracle baby” who escaped death when his pram rolled into the path of an oncoming train has celebrated his first birthday.

Saurish Verma made international headlines when the pram he was strapped into rolled off the platform at Ashburton railway station, in Melbourne’s east, last October.

Millions of people watched shocking CCTV footage of Saurish’s mother Shweta lunging for her baby, screaming in horror as the pram was hit by the train and pushed 30 metres along the tracks.

Saurish escaped with minor injuries. Emergency personnel said at the time it was a miracle he had survived. Saurish’s mother said today her son had made a full recovery but she would never forget the harrowing experience.

“A few days after the accident he wanted to be cuddled more, but that’s all,” she told Woman’s Day.

Despite the positive outcome, Shweta has not taken her son near a train station since the accident and is now learning to drive.

“I still get cold shivers, goose bumps and my stomach turns somersaults,” she said.

“I try to push them away. I know that time heals. I will never be rid of these thoughts, but they will fade. I’ve pulled myself together because I want to be a good mother.”

Schoolboy Aaron Dryden, who risked his own life to assist Saurish on the tracks, was guest of honour at the boy’s first birthday.

The 18-year-old, since dubbed “Uncle Aaron”, said he would always be a part of Saurish’s life.

“I’d like to see how he grows up,” he said.

“It’s great to know that he’s OK and has a good family.”

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