Man denies killing Heather Stacey, whose body he hid for a year before chopping up

A MAN has admitted to hiding a woman’s body, chopping her up and stealing from her account – by says he didn’t kill her.

The Times said today British man Alan Cameron, 56, admitted hiding the body of mother of four Heather Stacey for almost 13 months before chopping her up and dumping the pieces by a bicycle path.  But he denied murdering Mrs Stacey in her Edinburgh home, the High Court in Livingston, Scotland, heard.

The Times said he accepted he failed to report Mrs Stacey’s death and then “moved her body between the rooms of an apartment”.  The court heard he cut the limbs from her torso, wrapped them in bags before dumping them in a rubbish bin.  Mr Cameron also pleaded guilty to making withdrawals from Mrs Stacey’s post office account and sending text messages to himself over five days in December 2007 to mkae it look as if Mrs Stacey was still alive.

How Mrs Stacey died remains “unknown”. The trial was expected to last two weeks.

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