Man charged with taking stun gun on plane

A JAPANESE man has been released on bail after he allegedly tried to board a flight from Hawaii to Tokyo with a stun gun in his carry-on bag.

Prosecutors charged Hiroki Suzuki with one count of carrying a dangerous concealed weapon while attempting to board All Nippon Airways Flight 1051.

An affidavit filed in US District Court in Honolulu said Mr Suzuki hid the Muscle Man stun gun in a small black canvas pouch in his carry-on bag.

A Transportation Security Administration official found the device during an X-ray scan.

Mr Suzuki allegedly told FBI agents he bought the stun gun in Japan about a year ago for his personal protection.

US Magistrate Judge Leslie Kobayashi released Mr Suzuki on $US25,000 ($28,000) bond so he could attend his grandfather’s funeral in Japan.

Mr Suzuki was ordered to return for a hearing in two weeks.

The affidavit alleged Mr Suzuki, through a translator, acknowledged he knew the stun gun was in his luggage.

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