Make-up, butt cracks and smoking

The things men don’t find cool

NOW when it comes to the male/female relationship, let me first say that this is one of the best things in life, without a doubt. However, in the process of meeting people of the opposite sex and dating, socialising etc, we all have our likes, dislikes and different tastes. Now as a man who enjoys the company of women, there are a number of things that women do which are big turn-offs for me and apparently for other men. The worst part is that women seem to think that these things make them hot/sexy/cool. Well ladies, for some of us they are not! Let me point out a few for you.

1. A lot of make-up: Some women think wearing a lot of make-up make them look hot, and this includes some very brightcoloured looks as well. Now ladies, I don’t have a problem with make-up in itself, what I have a problem with is when you decide to put on this bright orange or green get-up and you simply go all out or as they say “OD di ting”. Wearing a heavy coat under your eyebrows and on your cheeks sometimes makes me wonder if you have mirrors at home. Trust me, it’s a big turn-off when I see a woman who looks like her make-up was done by a circus clown or someone painting themselves for carnival. Ladies, lots of men find women who wear little or no make-up appealing, so please remember that when you decide to ‘OD’ on the make-up. Most times it just looks tacky and makes it seem like you have no sense of style or understand the concept of what is required to look nice and appealing, I’m just saying.

2. Low rise jeans: This is the craze for women these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see women in nice jeans that show them off but when it comes to the low cut jeans, there is a problem. That problem is that the jeans are so low that they expose a part of the anatomy that I don’t think should be proudly shown in public. I find it a bit socially unacceptable to be showing the crack of your butt in public. I mean, why would women even think that this would be appealing to men or that it is even attractive?

3. Smoking: Ladies this is not attractive or even cool for that matter. I think a lot of men find it unattractive firstly because there is a gender bias to smoking. And, apart from the obvious health risks, I think it is an unintelligent habit. No matter how many mints or chewing gum you use or how much perfume you use to try and hide the scent, it still stinks. Not to mention those stained teeth, now that’s not a nice mental picture. The reason many people give for smoking is that it helps to relieve stress. But after you finish smoking two/three packs of cigarettes, won’t the thing causing the stress still be there? Don’t you think it would be smarter to get rid of the thing causing the stress instead of trying to smoke it away?

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