Libya is not a problem for the US alone

By Sandrea:-MY GRIPE

Why is the international community having a go at the United States, in particular President Barack  Obama, to lead a US force into Libya to assist the rebels that are trying to get rid of Gaddafi. This situation should not be left solely to the Americans alone is it ridiculous.

The reason that NATO and the United Nations was created is to ensure that no country invade another without proper authority and therefore, it there is to be military actions taking against Gaddafi to assist the individuals that are oppose to his reign then this must be sanction by the United Nations.

NATO must be the force that goes into Libya, we must ensure that it is the allies that take on Gaddafi and that means, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, United States and all other allies that make up the NATO alliance.

The United States always seem to find herself in a difficult situation, the international community always want to pressure her into military actions and when she does take military actions then she is accused of the big ‘brother complex’.  We cannot have it both ways and we should not be casting aspirations on the President for dragging his feet.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton added today that any decision to impose a no-fly zone over battle-torn Libya should be taken by the UN and “not the United States”. “I think it’s very important that it’s not a US-led effort because this comes from the people of Libya themselves,”. I cannot agree more with Hilary Clinton this should not be a US-led military action but a NATO led backed by the full co-operation of the United Nations.

The people of Libya does need our help and they should be given it however, we do not want another episode like what happen in Iraq, that decision is still haunting many today and if we remember the United Nations did sanction that invasion and yet the world was still not satisfy that there was a justification for the Americans to invade Iraq.

The international community need to make their minds up, we cannot expect to call on the US to police the world and when they do so we then spend years been critical of the actions that they have undertaken. Any military actions against Libya will see the US bearing the brunt of the cost and as such we have to be very careful about these actions.  We are not just talking about monetary actions alone we are also aware that human lives will be lost and if we are going to once again send our service personnel into battle then lets us do so with the full backing of the United Nations.

Barack Obama have every right to be sceptical of committing US troops into battle, he has seen firsthand the number of body bags that have arrived from Iraq and Afghanistan and if more people are going to lose their lives fighting for the freedom of other then the President need the backing of not just the NATO and the UN but most importantly the American people, after all it is their sons and daughter that are going to die defending others.

So, in my opinion I would say to the international community, back off the US and stop putting pressure on the US alone to take military actions against Libya.  I sympathise with the Libyans that are suffering and dying needlessly, but if we are going to help them let us do so effectively and not willy-nilly as the international community want the US to do.

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