Let the Libyan people fight their war


By Sandrea:-My Opinion

The people of Libya unable to tolerate the tyranny of Gaddafi has decided to protest and take up arms again a despot who for too long have suppress the Libyan people with his draconian methods. I am in agreement with the Libyans and believe they have the stamina to defeat Gaddafi and his cronies.

Why does western society believe they have the right to take up military arms against Libya even if they believe they are doing so to protect the Libyans, I have not seen anywhere in which the Libyans are asking the West for support and in particular taking up military actions?

It seems to me that the West cannot bear to see or know that arm resistance is being undertaken in any part of the world and they do not have their gritty little finger poking at the pie.  The Libyans have been living with the like of Gaddafi for years and they have decided that they will no longer tolerate is attitude towards them and therefore they are doing something about that.

I would agree that should the time arise whereby Libyans deemed it necessary asked NATO for help then that is the time for the Security Council to decide what method of help is require and if military actions is part of that assistance then I imagine that most Western individuals would give their support firmly to NATO.

What we do not want to see is any Western society be it Britain or the United States, deciding to invade Libya because they are under the impression that the Libyan people are incapable of waging and maintain their stance against Gaddafi.

The wave of emotion that emotions that is currently been seen in the Middle East is not going to suddenly disappear, people are fed up with dictators, corruption, lack of employment and poverty.  They are sick and tired of struggling to care for their families whilst they see these despots living their life in lap of luxury whilst the majority is force to live way below the bread line.

Although, the vast majority of Western people understand the frustration of these people we are still of the opinion that Western society marching into Libya guns blazing is not good for the world and certainly not for the Libyans fighting Gaddafi to regain the freedom that he has denied them for so many years

So, in my opinion let us monitor the current problems in Libya and be prepared to assist if we are asked, but do not feel the urge to jump the gun.

The Middle East currently is like a dormant volcano that has sat idly for centuries and now that it has erupted there is no way to turn back the lava that is free flowing down the hill.

I hope Gaddafi is defeated and Western society had no part, especially from a military stand point.  Let us use a bit of caution and wait and see, and until we are asked for help stay the hell out to the Libyan problems.

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