‘Leave church and help!’ mayor tells Christians

Hinds..leave church and help

PORTMORE mayor Keith Hinds this morning urged the church community to step up their role in the fight against crime in the country.

Hinds was speaking at the Registrar General Department’s (RGD) 14th annual prayer breakfast at the Twickenham Park headquarters this morning.

“Some of us need to leave our air conditioned churches and go out into the street corners and the buses, the bars, the night clubs. That’s where the sinners are; because crime has reached unprecedented levels,” Hinds said.

Church leaders from across the island turned out to pray for an end to the spiraling crime rate.

Chief Justice in her address Zaila McCalla urged RGD staff to stay far from corruption and to ensure that its record remains unblemished.

“If the country’s records are not protected it will only lead to catastrophe,” McCalla said.

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