Koran burning: And so the backlash began

By Sandrea:-MY GRIPE

I hope Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones are proud of themselves; they are firmly responsible for the demonstration and murder of the seven foreigners killed in the attack on the United Nation compound in Afghanistan.

Do those idiots really believe that they were going to desecrate the Muslim holy book and the Islamic supporters were just going to sit back and take it?  They seem to forget how seriously these individuals take their faith and the manner in which they worship their prophet.

South Park the popular television series created a cartoon character of the prophet Mohammed, as they do with every icon and the Muslims find it very insulting and not only did they threaten the producers of the show but they were prepared to kill individuals connect to the programme because they see any desecration of their prophet abominable and believe that anyone who so much as make any negative comment about their faith or their prophet should be put to death.

I may disagree in the methods that the Islamic faith portrays and personally believe that their prophet is quite capable of taking care of his-self and certainly do not need anyone to take revenge on his part however, people do take their religious beliefs seriously and I agree that for those two so-call pastor who would not know what it meant to be a pastor, to publicly burn copies of the Koran was disgraceful as burning of any book is.

Christians believe in the ‘Bible’ whether the words are true or false, that is their holy book and they would not like it if the Muslim community was going out purchasing the ‘Bible’ just so they can use it to create a bonfire.

The death of these people is a direct response to what those two idiotic people did.  I hope that they are happy with the stupidity that they have caused and they will have to live with the knowledge that had they not undertake such an infantile behaviour then those unfortunate individuals would most probable be alive, instead they are nicely tucked up in their safe haven and they relatives of the seven individuals have to be mourning the loss of their love ones.

If those two idiots were true Christians they would have know that their actions were uncalled for because as Christians even though we may face persecutions we have to take the high road and forgive the people who are persecuting us.  Irrespective of what the fanatical aspects of the Islamic faith may do, such as undertake suicide bombings if we stoop to their level of depravity then we are no better than them and that is exactly what Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones did.

I personally believe that the relatives of the seven individuals killed should sue both Wayne Sapp and Terry Jones because their actions are a direct result of the demonstration that took place in Afghanistan, the subsequent storming of the UN compound which in turn cause the death of these individuals and I believe that they both should be held accountable for these deaths.  They needed to be reminded that the last individual, namely Adolf Hitler, responsible for the burning of thousand of books was totally defeated and what he had set out to achieve by his book burning never materialise because the allies were there to ensure he did not win war.

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