Judge labels Anthony Hopkins ‘evil of worst kind’ after wife’s body found in feezer

A US evangelist who authorities say terrorised his family while preaching at revivals has been sentenced to life plus 51 years in prison after being convicted of killing his wife and storing her body in a home freezer.

Circuit Judge John Lockett imposed the sentence yesterday on Anthony Hopkins, 39, who showed no remorse during the proceeding.

He got the maximum sentence of life for murder and additional time for convictions including sodomy and sexual abuse.

Assistant District Attorney Ashley Rich called Hopkins “evil of the worst kind”.

She said he taught the eight children in his home things about the Bible that were not true and that helped him get away with his crimes for years.

During Hopkins’ trial in April, prosecutors said he killed his 36-year-old wife, Arletha Hopkins, in 2004 after she caught him molesting a girl, then stuffed her body in a freezer at their home in north Mobile.

Investigators discovered the body in 2008 after a young woman abused by Hopkins told child advocates about it, authorities said.

Police arrested Hopkins while he was preaching at a revival in the south Alabama town of Jackson.

Defence lawyer Jeff Deen said his client admits putting his wife’s body in the freezer, but he doesn’t know how she died.

“There’s evidence in the trial that it could’ve been by natural causes, and it needs to be explored on appeal,” Mr Deen said.

The two oldest children in the Hopkins home are now adults.

The six youngest are living with relatives in Georgia.

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