Jamaica – Homophobic

By Sandrea: MY GRIPE

Most Jamaicans are really homophobic and the Colombian that has been arrested, for allegedly molesting an 11 year old boy, should be very worried about his safety.

Jamaicans has no time for people of his persuasion he should be glad the news did not get out into the community before the  police arrived and take him away, otherwise he would most probable been hacked to dead.

Homosexuality as, and will always be a taboo subject in Jamaica, and when you have established artist singing songs like ‘we no want no chichi man bout yah’, and if you par with chichi man you cant stay on yah’, does not invoke tolerance for homosexual.

This has been one subject that Jamaican will not discuss.  They are so against homosexuality that even if someone has a child with those tendencies, it will be swept under the carpet and not mentioned as they know that should this come out the consequences can be dire.

This Colombian have no idea how fortunate he his and he should stay inside the police station, coming out of the safety of the security services, he would be doing so to his detriment.

As been reported there are a number of people already gathered at the station expressing their disgusted and I am sure that disgust is not the only thing that they want to share.

If this Colombian has been in the country for any long period of time he should be aware of Jamaicans intolerance to people who are labelled ‘batty man’.  Jamaicans do not pretty up their words, you are not going hear them says, gays, homosexual, as far as they are concerned they are either chichi man, or batty man, and if the popular songs are to be believe then the only thing to do with these people is to burn them.

I do hope that the security forces, protect this Colombian, although I do not agree with his outrageous behaviour, if proven to be true, he his human and therefore should be afford the protection of the police.  The consequences, will not be a positive one if they turn in loose into the Manchester community.

With the trauma that the country has been going through over the Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke affair the last thing we need now is for Jamaicans to kill a visiting foreigner, irrespective of his outlandish behaviour.

Let the authority deal with this Colombian and Jamaicans should refrain from taking matter into their own hands.

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