Iran – Jailed American, Political Football

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

The three Americans that are currently languishing in Iran jail are being used by the Iranians as nothing more than political football.  Iran authorities know dam well that these young people are no spies and that they have mistakenly wandered into Iran area, but because they are having a beef with the US they are playing God with the lives of these young people.

Firstly, Iran accused them only of illegally crossing the border and now for the Iranian prosecutor to say that they had equipment with them that tantamount to them spying is absolutely absurd.  They believe that if they use threats and innuendo against these young people the US will give way to them wanting to acquire nuclear material in order that they can eventually create nuclear bombs.

The Iranians cannot even get their judicial system to lie effectively they cannot even treat their own citizen with the respect that they deserve and they believe the rest of the world trust then on anything that they say.

Playing with people lives and using them as a political football in order to get what they want is downright disgusting and if I was Sarah Shourd I would under no circumstances go back to Iran to face trial on a trumped up charge, because that is exactly what they are.

These Americans are not stupid individuals they are well educated people and if they really wanted to go and spy in Iran I am sure they would not have been so stupid as to wander aimlessly into Iranian teritory they are more intelligent than that and this is why the charges against them are so ridiculous. Who in their right mind would, not if by accident, wander in a country that has no respect for the rights of an individual, have archaic and draconian laws, and have no compunction in stoning a woman to death.

Therefore, it stand to reason that anyone with a ounce of intelligence would recognise that these individual make a simple mistake and because of the fact that Iran is taking so much heat in the international press they are using these young people as example, but one wonder example for what.  They have taken away a year out of their lives by having them in jail for nothing, and they really believe that the international community is going to believe a single word that they say by accusing them of spying.

Iran behaviour towards these young people amounts to terrorism.  Any decent country that respect the rights of the individual would at the very least allow their lawyers to confer with his clients, for them to be preventing the lawyers to see his client in effect preventing the lawyer from being in a position to prepare a decent defence for these young people, is an admission from the Iranians that they knew full well that the way in which they are treating these people is appalling and downright disgusting.

It makes me wonder how the hell these people sleep at nights knowing that what they are doing to another human being is wrong.  This is the country that want the international community to believe that they only need nuclear for domestic purposes only, yea right, we cannot trust the Iranian authority in nothing that they say or do, because if they do not have the ability to recognise when someone make a mistake, if they can only see spies in every human being then something is fundamental wrong with individuals that are so afraid of their own shadow in that they no longer have the ability to recognise that not everyone is after them. It seems to me that history has not thought people like the Iranian authority anything. If you behave like a tyrant then you are treated the same.

Saddam Hussein believes that he was invincible; he could treat people as if somehow he was a deity and for all of his bravado he is no longer around.  Whatever wrong that you bestow upon another it will eventually come back to bite you in the rear.   The Iranians need to show the world that they are not monster, they need to send these young people home, they need to demonstrate to the rest of the world that they are human beings and they recognise that as humans we make mistake.  If they continue to treat these young people so unfairly then eventually they will themselves find out that what goes around comes around.

Iran, do the decent thing and send these young people back to their family, they are not spies and you know that, stop using them as political football they do not deserve this treatment and  are well are aware of that fact.

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