Iran: How mediocre

By Sandrea-MYGRIPE

Once again Iran justice system has shown the world how mediocre it is this is the country that want the world to trust them with nuclear material that would enable them to create weapons of mass destruction – hell no.  I totally agree with the UN and especially the US in their total opposition to Iran acquiring any kind of nuclear material as they cannot be trusted and should they ever find themselves with nuclear material, even if they alleged that they require it for purely domestic use and not for the creation of a bomb they are so untrustworthy that I could not believe anything they say.

If they cannot bring their judicial system up to 21st century status then what else can they be trusted to do?  First they want to stone a female to death for what they called ‘adultery’.  The outcry of the West was the only reasons for them to back down and even so this woman could still be hang for a crime that is seen in the west as trivial, and should not be used to take someone life.

They have now outdone themselves when a Judge has decided to have the hand of a young man amputated for stealing and further sentence him to a year in prison.

Crime and criminal activities are appalling and we in the West do not believe that criminal should not be punished for their criminal activities, but to have the hand of someone amputated because he steal from a candy store is draconian and should not play any part of a progressive society, not in this century anyway.

It saddens me to think that Iran cannot bring their judicial house in order and remove from their statue book these out-dated, outlandish and stupid laws that is terrorising their country.

To stone someone to death because they commit adultery is saying that when a woman married then she becomes the property of her husband and therefore any contact with another man especially physical tantamount to a death sentence, and that is ridiculous at best.

Leaders are supposed to lead by example and when the President of Iran can tell a crowd of people that Israel is ‘destined’ to disappear, it demonstrates the ignorance of some leaders.

Iran should be concentrating and creation of jobs, removing archaic laws, treating its citizen with more respect than they are given and surely from the behaviour of the judges in Iran is what make liberal minded individuals like me extremely sceptical of anything they say or do.

It seems that every day Iran shows itself to be a very anti-social country and it is always the first to accuse other nation of trying to trample over her and prevent her from achieving what is best for her citizen. But if going by the sentence that the Judge as passed upon this young man is anything to go by the treating its citizen fairly and humanely is not one of Iranians first priority.

I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that in most civilised country if you commit murder and you are found guilty there are still countries like the US that will impose a death sentence upon you.  However, I cannot believe that there is any other civilised nation that would put a person to death for adultery and have the hands of another human amputated for stealing.  That is too much of a price to pay.

Iranian, you ought to understand that if you wish your country and your regime to be taken seriously within the world environment, if you want to be a part the of world club of nation then you need to go back to the drawing board and correct these clearly ‘Noah ark’ law and demonstrate to the world that not only can you effectively deal with you citizens with respect and dignity and that the laws that you use to govern your people or fair and they do not date back to the ‘dark ages’.  Grow up and join the nation of human beings as you are been isolated by the world because you manner in dealings with every things shows no respect for the rights of others.

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