Immigrants built the UK

By Sandrea:-MYGRIPE

It always annoys me when politicians believe that they can use immigration to amass votes.  They seems to ignore the plight of immigrants until there is either a local or general election on the horizons then they all crawl out from under their respective colours and attack immigrants and the immigration process.

Less we forget this country was built on the blood, sweat and tears of hard working immigrants and during those periods when they were undertaking the rebuilding of Britain there did not seems to be any politicians that was concerned about the number of immigrants that was coming into the country.

Most decent individuals within the UK would agree that every country has the right to monitor and review their immigration policies from time to time.  Furthermore they must have the ability to curtail the number of immigrants that is allowed to enter the country.  However, what I find deplorable is the manner in which they use immigration to gain points over their rivals once they have an election looming.

I totally support and agree with Dr Cable when he said “Mr Cameron’s warning on the speed of immigration was inflammatory and very unwise and suggested it was calculated to win votes in next month’s local elections”.  That is absolutely the truth and anyone who disagrees with Dr Cable suggestion is not really looking at the way in which sections of this coalition is using the immigration issues.

Firstly, David Cameron mention a few weeks ago that multiculturalism is not working because we do not put as much emphasis in ensuring that communities of different background work effectively, and he did so because at the time he believe that by saying so would be beneficial to his party.

It is time that politicians of all side stop using immigration as a political football and develop an effective immigration policies that cater not only for the immigrants that are already residing in the country but for those that which to immigrate here.  It should not be only mention during the time of an election and used to gather or curry favour with the voters knowing full  well that immigration is an emotive subject for a lot of people especially in the current economic climate that exist in the UK at present.

Using immigration this way is racist and stems of bigotry and should not be tolerated by the public.  We must ensure that our politicians undertake their responsibilities effectively and do not use immigration or any other legislation primarily geared at minority to achieve and stack election result in their favour.


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