HIV Why would anyone want to be so evil

by Sandrea:-

I can understand and sympathise with anyone who is given the news that they are HIV positive or that they have AIDS.  The  devastation of that news must be unbearable, and I would not begin to comprehend the gravity of such a new.

However, I am devated to learn that there are individuals who are aware that they have the virus and are going around infecting others, this is a very cold,selfish and self-centered behaviour.  Irrespective of how that individual come by the virus, to target others, knowingly is terrible thing to do.

I am unsure if there is a law against this behaviour, there is not one then they should be.  These people are using their bodies to commit murder and as such they such be prosecuted.  There is no difference when someone picks up a gun, pull a knife and murder someone, I equates what these individual are doing to be the same.

They are not only passing the virus on they are seriously playing with people’s emotion.

If as the paper stated  “Authorities fear at least 12 women may have been deliberately infected with the HIV virus by a Zimbabwe-born circus acrobat”.  If those 12 woman is unaware that they may be potential carriers, then how may have they infected?

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