Heart condition prevents Sugar Minott from appearing at Toronto show

Sugar Minot

A release from the organisers of show in Toronto, which should have been headlined by singer Sugar Minott, states that they “received sad news that reggae’s veteran entertainer, producer and sound system owner has fallen ill in his home in Jamaica”.

“Diagnosed with a heart condition (Angina Pectoris) by the medical team at the Kingston Public hospital in Kingston, Jamaica, Sugar is resting under doctor’s supervision,” the release said

Tamar Minott, Sugar’s daughter, who is a featured performer and currently in Toronto for a show they were to perform together, was reportedly saddened by the news of her Fathers health.

“I spoke to my Father this morning, and he asked me to perform his catalogue telling me the show must go on.”

The promoters, Intimate and Interactive, in association with Uncle Jonny, DJ Wiz and Lula Lounge have arranged for the Rebel Vibez camera crew to attend the show to record “get well messages” from Sugar’s fans, friends and family.

The video will be delivered when Tamar returns to Jamaica.

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