Gunmen have joined forces against us – cops

Lower Your Car PaymentsPOLICE this afternoon confirmed that gunmen from volatile communities have joined forces with criminal elements in Tivoli Gardens in a bid to protect embattled Tivoli Gardens strongman, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

In a release to the media this afternoon Police Commissioner Owen Ellington said the police were aware of the development and were preparing to respond appropriately.

“Images of barricades, other defensive positions and the aforementioned unprovoked attacks together with credible intelligence indicate that scores of criminals from several gangs across the island have joined criminal elements in Tivoli Gardens. It is now clear that criminal elements are determined to launch coordinated attacks on the security forces,” the release stated.

The cops have also confirmed that a member of the Island Special Constabulary Force was shot in the hand during an attack on the Hannah Town police station in West Kingston. There are also reports of sustained gunfire at the Denham Town, Darling Street and Fletcher’s Land police stations.

Residents of Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town have, since Monday, barricaded themselves inside their communities in a bid to keep out the security forces.

The blockages have now spread to other sections of the city as residents of other communities, including Rose Town, Fletcher’s Land, Hannah Town and Majesty Gardens have joined the fray.

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