GANG ENFORCES NO VISITORS RULE… unless residents get permission

The notorious ‘Stinger’ gang is again the source of fear and discomfort for residents from communities off Maxfield Avenue, St Andrew, as it has now demanded that all residents get permission to entertain visitors.

The last time the gang – which comprises a large number of severely bleached faced men, made headlines – they were reportedly using force to search the residents’ cellphones.

Now, in their latest brazen tactics, there is said to be a new ‘anti-informant’ initiative.

“Di man dem seh dem a try weed out di informer dem ’bout di place, eno. So this a just a next way weh dem come up wid,” said a resident who requested anonymity.

According to the source, the gang members came up with the latest strategy after it was suspected that a family gave information to an ‘outsider’, who then contacted the police, following a dispute about a month ago. This was said to have led to the arrest of one of the thugs.

The arrested man was later freed by the police, as no statement was given against him, even though another man was said to have been stabbed, THE STAR was told.

orders from the top

After the incident, word was said to have been sent from top mobsters that persons should get permission before inviting strange persons to the community.

“Di man dem seh dem nuh want no strange face in a dem community ’cause dem a informer – at least a dat dem seh. Mi naw lie. Wah day yah, my cousin come link mi from country and me neva really ask dem still. Mi did just tell dem seh mi family a come stay wid mi fi a while,” another resident, who gave his name as Howie, said.

Failure to comply with the new order can result in severe beatings, residents said. While residents say they are complying with the thugs’ orders, many persons are complaining among themselves.

When THE STAR contacted the western Kingston police, they admitted the Stinger gang was wreaking havoc in sections of the division.

During a recent visit to the Denham Town Police Station, crime chief for the division, Deputy Superintendent Leslie Ashman, told THE STAR that the police were working towards dismantling the gang once and for all.

“They are giving a lot of trouble,” DSP Ashman said. “We are working on some things, and we need to get them.

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