Gaddafi vows he will never surrender

LIBYAN leader Muammar Gaddafi has vowed in an audio message aired by state television that he would never surrender despite a new day of NATO-led air raids against targets around his Tripoli compound.

“Despite the bombings, we will never submit,” Gaddafi said in the broadcast.

“I am near the bombing but I am still resisting,” he added.

“Have no fear, onward, onward,” the Libyan leader said, adding: “You will never be able to defeat us, an armed people.”

Shortly after the recording was broadcast, fresh air strikes hit the Libyan capital.

It was the first intervention by the Libyan leader since May 19 when state television showed footage of him holding talks with a senior official apparently back from a mission to Moscow this week.

In another audio message broadcast on state television on May 13, Gaddafi said he was in a place where NATO bombs could not reach him.

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