FBI hunting NZ kidnap accused

The FBI is searching for a New Zealand woman who agents say kidnapped her young daughter in the United States during March.

Bianca Ellen Ormsby, 21, of York Township, Michigan, faces several charges including international parental kidnapping of the child, whom she conceived while studying at Michigan University.

A criminal complaint was filed on Tuesday in federal court in Detroit, a Michigan news website reported.

Ms Ormsby, who was born in New Zealand, left the United States on March 16 with her daughter, Sydney Thomas. The two travelled from Los Angeles on a Qantas flight to Auckland.

At the time, Ms Ormsby and Sydney’s father, Adam Thomas, 21, had temporary joint legal custody of Sydney, who was 10 months old.

Mr Thomas said he had not seen Sydney or Ms Ormsby since March 9, when she picked Sydney up from him.

He received an email from Ms Orsmby on April 11, saying she was in New Zealand and thought being there was best for Sydney.

Mr Thomas has started a Facebook page titled “Help bring home my kidnapped daughter”, on which he said: “I will do whatever it takes to have Sydney returned to me”.

If the New Zealander is extradited a

During a custody battle, Mr Thomas said in court that Ms Ormsby was hospitalised in July 2009 after taking an excessive amount of pain medication, and he was concerned that she might take their daughter to New Zealand.

Ms Ormsby had alleged Mr Thomas was verbally and physically abusive, obtaining a personal protection order against him in July 2009, but it was terminated at her request two months later.

nd convicted of the federal charge, she faces up to three years in prison, the website said.

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