Fast-track eviction for nasty neighbours

LONDON – British judges will have new powers to fast-track the eviction of tenants who harass their neighbours.

At present it can take over a year to evict perpetrators of antisocial behaviour even with clear evidence of abuse.

Today the Government will announce new rules giving judges the automatic power to order the eviction of tenants who have already received an antisocial behaviour order.

They would then be considered to have made themselves “intentionally homeless” and councils would have no obligation to rehouse them.

But critics warn that antisocial neighbours will merely be moved from house to house without addressing the causes of their behaviour.

Housing Minister Grant Shapps will also announce a joint working group with the Justice Ministry to look at other ways to speed up the lengthy eviction process. There will also be a fund set up to create a team to advise tenants and landlords on eviction procedures.

Responding to reports of antisocial behaviour costs state agencies about £3.4 billion ($6.9 billion) a year and MPs from both parties say it is one of the most intractable problems they face in constituency meetings.

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