Double murder shocks Grenadian district

ST GEORGE’S – A double murder, one of the most gruesome killings in Grenada in recent history, on Monday evening sent shock waves through the Balthazar area and throughout the rest of the island.

The heads of former police officer and farmer/proprietor Clyde Greenidge of Birchgrove in St Andrew’s and labourer Christopher Stafford of Byeland, also in St Andrew’s, were brought into the Grenville Police Station by their alleged slayer at about 6:15 p.m.

Informed sources told Grenadian newspaper New Today that Steve Gorrie rolled out the heads of the two men, from a white bucket, onto the counter of the Grenville Police Station, sending officers into shock and disbelief. A policewoman was reported to have fainted.

Gorrie, 32, a mechanic operator of Birchgrove, surrendered himself to the police.

According to the New Today, when questioned by police officers, the murder suspect told the lawmen that there was no dispute between he and the men but that he just felt like killing them.

Reports indicated that hours before the incident, Gorrie was at Greenidge’s house, where he was given food and drink. Minutes later, all three men left for Greenidge’s farm to cut grass. A family member of Greenidge’s said that he was not aware of any prior dispute between the accused and the two deceased men.

According to the source, the murder suspect arrived on the compound of the station driving the vehicle of Greenidge and immediately got out of it and headed for the front of the building.  He said that the police did not have any information about the slaying at the time and that a police officer on duty approached the suspect to ask him to remove the vehicle from where he had parked it.

“The man (murder suspect) just ignored the officer, walk passed him and went inside the station He just told the person on the desk, look officer I killed two men and ah bring the heads for you.  “He just emptied out the two heads on the counter for the police. Well, you could imagine the pandemonium that broke out.”

After Gorrie handed over the heads, the lawmen headed to the farm where they found the headless bodies of Greenidge and Stafford about 100 metres from the farm owner’s home.

“We have never seen anything like this before,” said another source with over 25 years of policing experience.  Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Tillman Thomas expressed sympathy to the families of the two men. “This is a tragedy,” Thomas said, “not just for the people of St Andrew, but for all of Grenada.”

Monday’s killing came almost 30 years to the day when St David’s resident Cecil Jacobs severed the heads of a man and a woman in the Bacolet area. He was seen later walking the streets with the heads, one in each han

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